Single Mobile Application Platform for All

In case of “emergencies”, you need not worry about where you can get condoms. Just open the mobile app or the website to see the Safe Spaces near you

We’ve designed an application with inventory and supply management capabilities, so Safe Spaces never run out of stock.

Innovative Distribution Model

Ashamed to buy condoms? Are they too expensive?

Accessibility and availability of condoms remain one of the biggest challenges in the country.

SafeSpacesPH provides a sustainable model where everyone can get access to FREE condoms without fear or judgment.

Help the Cause and become a Safe Space

We believe that Safe Spaces are not just physical venues, it is the experience of being safe and secure.

Our vision is to collaborate not only with establishments, but also with individuals like you to help distribute condoms where they are most needed.
So whether it’s your favorite coffeeshop, or a nearby stranger, you can always feel safe!